Stay at home mommy envy

I’m just coming to the end of a week vacation and dreading going back to work and leaving my eight month hold at home. My husband has scaled back to minimal part-time and my mother takes care of her while he’s working so my child care situation is ideal. Even so, I still can’t help but wish I was staying at home with her. I’m a medical resident with 90K in debt so I really do not have a choice to stay at home. Given the choice, I most likely would finish my residency becase an MD alone is really not useful or marketable. Having no choices makes everything more painful. I often find myself snapping at my husband blaming his lack of a lucrative career on my inability to stay home. Sometimes I look at my sister who married a wealthy man and stays at home with her two kids and feel like a failure because I didn’t mary a rich man. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts/advices/related stories and experiences.

Numero Uno

Hello – I’m a young professional female. I’ve been married for two years and I have a 8 month old daughter. Lately I have felt myself becoming more and more insecure. Women in today’s world have so many choices which, in my case, has led to hefty feelings of self doubt. When it comes to these feelings, I love to hear the prospective of other women, usually older and wiser than myself, but not always. I’m hoping with each post I can open a conversation on the dilemmas of today’s modern woman. Please join the conversation and lend me some of your wisdom.