Stay at home mommy envy

I’m just coming to the end of a week vacation and dreading going back to work and leaving my eight month hold at home. My husband has scaled back to minimal part-time and my mother takes care of her while he’s working so my child care situation is ideal. Even so, I still can’t help but wish I was staying at home with her. I’m a medical resident with 90K in debt so I really do not have a choice to stay at home. Given the choice, I most likely would finish my residency becase an MD alone is really not useful or marketable. Having no choices makes everything more painful. I often find myself snapping at my husband blaming his lack of a lucrative career on my inability to stay home. Sometimes I look at my sister who married a wealthy man and stays at home with her two kids and feel like a failure because I didn’t mary a rich man. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts/advices/related stories and experiences.


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